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Don Pepino All Natural Fully Prepared Pizza Sauce

America's first fully prepared Pizza Sauce
made only from fresh vine ripened tomatoes.
Ideal for use in various dishes in addition to pizza.

Family Recipe
Don Pepino’s Natural Pizza Sauce is cooked in a home-style
fashion reminiscent of old-world family recipes.

Ready to use
Don Pepino's Pizza Sauce is ready to use. It is so rich in taste
and thick in texture that absolutely no other ingredients have
to be added.

Natural Ingredients
Don Pepino uses only garden fresh tomatoes, plucked from the vine at their peak of ripeness. Cholesterol free corn oil and a blend of imported spices are mixed with the fresh whole tomatoes to create our unique delicious tasting pizza sauce. Our unique processing system captures all the natural flavors and seals in an extraordinary fresh taste. Unlike many of our competitors, our recipe never includes paste, purees, preservatives, starches, gums, sugar, artificial color, citric acid, or fillers.

Don Pepino's four-step quality control procedure insures our natural pizza sauce will provide you with the same wonderful fresh flavor, can after can.

Total Customer Satisfaction
For nearly half a century millions of customers have enjoyed Don Pepino's Pizza Sauce. As a family owned and operated business, Don Pepino believes its pride and reputation are always on the line. That is why we always guarantee quality products and total customer satisfaction.