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Don Pepino Marinara Sauce

Don Pepino Marinara is Ideal for any pasta dish. Itís also perfect with ethnic dishes, as a dipping sauce and for Italian sandwiches. The perfect complement to seafood and chicken too.

Don Pepino's Marinara sauce uses only the finest ingredients; concentrated crushed tomatoes combined with a special mix of imported spices and cholesterol free corn oil. These ingredients are blended and cooked to give you a truly old world flavor. We never add preservatives, gums, starches, fillers, artificial color or citric acid..

Ready To Use
Don Pepino Sauces are ready to use right from the can. Rich in taste and texture, no other ingredients need be added. Unless you want to!

We guarantee consistency in every can. Our four-step quality control processing ensures rich texture and aroma, ultimate freshness, perfect flavor and tasty goodness in every can.

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