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Don Pepino Spaghetti Sauce

This Old World Style recipe features the finest quality tomatoes picked fresh daily throughout the season. Ingredients including corn oil, salt, spices and garlic are expertly blended in a unique four step cooking process.

Family Recipe
Don Pepino Spaghetti Sauce comes from an Old World Family recipe that continues to be enjoyed to this very day. The mouth watering, delicious taste combines the finest ingredients, with a secret blend of imported spices, non-cholesterol corn oil and lightly flavored with salt.

Taste-Saving Process
Every can of freshly packed and rich tasting Don Pepino Spaghetti Sauce is of the highest possible quality. Why? Because Don Pepino demands that all the tomatoes it uses in its spaghetti sauce are harvested and processed at the peak of their ripeness. By doing this, all the natural flavors from the tomatoes are maintained, giving Don Pepino Spaghetti Sauce that fresh, delightful taste. You cannot get a fresher tasting sauce.

So Easy To Use
All the Master Chef or an Assistant Cook has to do is open a can of Don Pepino Spaghetti Sauce, heat it up and it's ready to use. There is absolutely no need to add anything to the outstanding Old World recipe, no other ingredients need to be added!

We guarantee consistency in every can. Our four-step quality control processing ensures rich texture and aroma, ultimate freshness, perfect flavor and hearty goodness in every can.

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