The Don Pepino History

The DonPepino brand was created by the Sclafani family in 1950.

The Sclafani family began in the food industry in the late 1800's when Marie Sclafani and her husband came to the US from Italy with their four sons. The family started with a small grocery store in New York. Marie's sons began importing Italian products under the Sclafani name in 1900. The business and product line grew and the next generation took over Sclafani Brothers in the 1930's, renaming it the Joseph L. Sclafani Company.

That business was comprised of five brothers and two cousins who continued to import and distribute Sclafani brand products. The products included canned tomatoes and vegetables, pasta, olive oil and other Italian specialties. Distribution expanded from the New York area west to Chicago.

James and William Sclafani ran the business after World War II. James was a pioneer in the handling of bulk tomatoes and the company became a leading producer of canned tomato products. Brother Dominick Sclafani had culinary talent and developed a unique fully prepared pizza sauce in 1950. He named the sauce Don Pepino, and the Company introduced it that same year. The sauce became one of the Company’s best sellers, and the original recipe is still used to this day.

Few companies prosper for over 100 years. The secret behind the Sclafani / Don Pepino success is the quality of the products themselves. Jersey tomatoes are considered the best tomatoes in the US, and the Company’s products are made from fresh New Jersey tomatoes, grown near the Sclafani/ Don Pepino southern NJ packing plant.

Today the Sclafani and Don Pepino brands are recognized as the finest canned tomatoes and sauces in the industry. Many of the finest restaurants in the US use Don Pepino and Sclafani products. They are also available in many grocery stores in the Northeast. B&G Foods acquired the Don Pepino and Sclafani brands of tomato products in November 2010.

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