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Sclafani Special Pizza Sauce

This sauce is complete right out of the can. Made from the
finest sweet crushed tomatoes, corn oil and a
mellow spice blend, Sclafani Special makes it easy to
create the best pizza in the neighborhood.

Sclafani Special Pizza Sauce combines the finest naturally sweet concentrated crushed tomatoes with imported & domestic spices and premium corn oil. Thatís it. No added citric acid, starch, or gums. Your customers will taste the quality in every bite.

Ready To Use
It doesnít get any easier than this. Remove lid. Pour or ladle out sauce. Add cheese and toppings. Bake.

We guarantee consistency in every can. Our four-step quality control processing ensures freshness, perfect texture, consistent color, aroma and flavor from can to can, pallet to pallet and season to season.

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