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Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Our tomatoes are hand selected for firmness, uniform size, and color. For any and every dish calling for whole tomatoes, Sclafani fits the bill.

The best dishes start with the best tomatoes
SCLAFANI Whole Peeled tomatoes are made from fresh vine ripened tomatoes, tomato juice and salt. There are no stringy cores or broken tomatoes. Our tomatoes are hand selected for firmness and quality and are uniform in size and color.

Unlimited Use
Sclafani whole peeled tomatoes are ideal for any dish requiring whole tomatoes. Add to stews, soups, or chili. For an authentic marinara sauce combine Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes with garlic and EVOO in a saucepan.

Fresh Processing
To capture the fresh tomato essence we harvest the sweetest, reddest, vine ripened tomatoes at their peak of flavor. Once harvested the ripened tomatoes are processed within 12 hours to capture all the natural flavor, aroma and color.

We guarantee consistency in every can. Our four-step quality control processing ensures that rich texture, natural flavor and freshness. Every time you use Sclafani whole peeled tomatoes your recipe to be as consistent and flavorful as possible.

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