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Violet Pizza Sauce

The very best unseasoned Pizza Sauce, containing
only the finest and reddest vine ripened tomatoes,
with a dash of salt. Violet Pizza Sauce is ideal for
creating your own signature sauce.

Signature Sauce
A fresh tomato base combined with your selection of the finest
spices will render a sauce that any Master Chef would proudly
sign his or her name to. In order to wind up with the best you
must start with the best fresh tomatoes, with no tomato paste,
puree or citric acid.

Fresh Processing
To provide the most consistent & flavorful base for a signature
sauce, the tomatoes selected for Violet Pizza Sauce are picked
at the peak of ripeness and processed quickly to seal in that
true tomato essence.

Since Violet Pizza Sauce contains only the highest quality
tomatoes, we can offer you consistency from can to can. This
ensures that your final product also personifies consistency.
Consistency separates success from failure.

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