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Violet Special Pizza Sauce

A fully prepared Pizza Sauce containing only the
freshest & ripest vine ripened tomatoes, combined
with domestic and imported spices

Signature Sauce
Taking its name from the state flower of New Jersey this fully
prepared pizza sauce is truly worthy to carry the name Violet
for the company that produces it. First developed in the late
1940's Violet Special Pizza Sauce has adhered to its original
formula utilizing only fresh tomatoes.

Ready to Use
Violet Special Pizza Sauce is a fully prepared pizza sauce.
Nothing needs to be added to the rich flavor.

Violet Special Pizza Sauce contains only fresh vine ripened
tomatoes. Harvested at the peak of ripeness, these tomatoes
combined with non-cholesterol corn oil, imported and domestic
spices, offer a rich and fresh tomato pizza sauce. We are able to do
this without the use of sugar, corn syrup, tomato paste or citric
acid. These are used to artificially sweeten or thicken a product.
In many cases making it less costly to manufacture.

Since Violet Special Pizza Sauce is "kettle cooked" you can be sure
that no batch is put into a can until it meets our 4-step quality
control process. A process, that has ensured the success of our
products for more than 50 years.

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